The best thread for sewing leather, automobiles, outdoor gear, shoes and more

Application of hongfeng Sewing Thread

Leather goods

Seams often represent the appearance of an item and can make items made of genuine leather or faux leather stand out. No matter what shape, color or function it is used for, our high-quality sewing threads will satisfy your every desire.


Elegant design requires precision craftsmanship; wearing comfort requires materials with good adaptability; innovative solutions and reliable products can improve the quality and appearance of garments.

Hongfeng offers a wide range of creative products, regardless of the sewing techniques and fabrics used, we guarantee high standards of quality, color fastness and environmental friendliness.

the best thread for sewing garment manufacturing
The best thread for automobiles


Reliable sewing thread for the automotive industry Excellent color fastness due to the use of special colors Suitable for blind seams and overlock seams High load capacity, proven


Our sewing threads are designed to provide higher seam strength and elongation and maintain adequate color fastness in chlorinated water.

the best thread for sewing activewear, performance wear and athletic equipment
The best thread for sewing outdoor fabrics


Hongfeng outdoor textile sewing thread has excellent UV resistance and weather resistance, as well as excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

Seam quality does not degrade even with prolonged exposure to sunlight and frequent mechanical stress. The breaking strength, appearance and color of seams remain unchanged even under the harshest environmental conditions.


Upholstered furniture requires high-quality seams, whether it is ribbon fabric, genuine leather or faux leather. Seams must perform well, both in terms of design and function.

A perfect decorative seam needs to have a certain degree of strength, abrasion resistance and elasticity, in addition to meeting the high standard of use.

Best Thread For Upholstery Sewing