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  • Carpet yarn

Carpet yarn

  • Name:
  • Carpet yarn
  • Col NO.:
  • customizable
  • N.W.:
  • 500-1500g

Carpet yarn Supplier,Carpet yarn company

Carpet yarn


Carpet yarn is a kind of wire used to make carpets. These products are mainly used for knitting, weaving, towels, sewing, weaving, carpets, curtains and other decorative fabrics, etc.


Carpet yarn features
Carpet yarn finished with warp weft yarn, with twist uniformity, moderate tension, winding forming, unwinding and so on. Very suitable for use in a variety of environments, woven into the carpet, the high grade, soft and good, feel comfortable.

Carpet yarn application
Carpet yarn is mainly used for the production and production of carpets, the product can be the door of the linter, balcony pad, can also be made of high-end indoor filament carpet.

Carpet yarn

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