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    Mark thread

Mark thread

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Mark threade is a scientific name hollow threade. Mark threade is made up of 12 or 16 polyester or nylon monofilament, stitched together by professional equipment.Because Mark thread is flat, it is also called: Hollow thread.

Characteristics of hollow thread:
Mark thread can be filled with polyester monofilament, or polyester thread to increase the strength, make the thread into cylindrical, better seam performance, more round appearance.

Application of Mark thread:
Mark thread is also called the cotton Mark line, mainly Dacron staple and coarse twisting. Mark thread is usually used on the bottom of the sewn shoes or used for weaving, and the special Mark line suitable for winding arts and crafts can be produced according to the needs.Mark thread is mainly used for footwear, sofa, sports equipment, hanging cards, printing products and packaging materials, motor and so on.

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