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  • High Stretch Nylon Filament Thread
    High Stretch Nylon Filament Thread

High Stretch Nylon Filament Thread

  • Name:
  • Nylon Sewing Thread
  • Tex NO.:
  • TEX90
  • Tkt NO.:
  • M30
  • Denier:
  • 210D/4
  • Length:
  • 4100m
  • N.W.:
  • 453.6-500g

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Stretch Nylon Thread

Stretch Nylon Thread 

Stretch Nylon Thread also known as pearl line or nylon line, is made of 100% pure nylon monofilament,features high color strength, wear resistance, good gloss. Can meet the need for a certain expansion of fabric sewing effect, the disadvantage is the higher price.Low temperature dyeing ensures adequate elongation and elasticity of sewing thread.


Stretch nylon thread features
100% pure nylon, full of elasticity, elongation of 25-30% nylon line; good elasticity, when the nylon line stretched to 4-6%, 100% rebound to the original length; the soft sponge products, the best partner of elastic fabric sewing thread.Nylon sewing thread is a kind of textile fabric, compared to silk gloss, gloss nylon sewing thread is coated with a layer of wax like feel, while the hand rub, can feel the sense of friction between the fabric.


Stretch nylon thread features
Good elasticity of nylon thread is especially suitable for elastic products such as soft sofa, down clothing, and elastic fabrics, such as diving suits, swimwear and other joints need to be flexible.Nylon sewing thread is widely used in all kinds of garment industry, especially in the development of children's wear industry.

 Stretch nylon thread

Nylon Filament Sewing Thread

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