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Bonded Polyester Thread

Poly Bonded Thread

Bonded Polyester Thread

  • Bonded Polyester Thread
    Bonded Polyester Thread

Bonded Polyester Thread

The Bonded polyester thread is a filament polyester sewing thread that is bonded together and does not have a strand.

Tex NoTicket NoDenierStrength (cN) Elogation% Thread Carrier
3080100D/3213518-30King spool/Dyeing Tube
4560150D/3304018-30King spool/Dyeing Tube
7040210D/3435020-32King spool/Dyeing Tube
9030250D/3515020-32King spool/Dyeing Tube
13520420D/3978022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube
21013630D/3515022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube
27010840D/31762022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube

Poly Bonded Thread


Our polyester bonded thread can’t be beat! This thread has been coated to reduce fraying and basic wear and tear. Our poly bonded thread does well for a variety of projects and applications, and works great with heavy duty fabrics! The polyester bonded thread is similar to our nylon bonded thread variety, and the technical specifications are only slightly varied based on the synthetic material it’s made from. This thread is great for things like furniture restoration projects as well!

Bonded polyester thread is a tough, high tenacity performance thread. This thread is made from 100% bonded polyester continuous filament yarns. Bonded poly thread has very high seam strength, stretch recovery, and excellent abrasion resistance

The polyester filaments are bonded together to improve sewing performance at high speeds. It has very high heat resistance as well. Primarily used in leather goods, upholstery, automotive and other industries. Choose from our wide range of colors.

Bonded polyester thread is divided into two categories: the inside bonded polyester thread and outside bonded polyester thread. It has two choices of softness and special strong adhesion, and is then highly lubricated.

Bonded Polyester Thread
Bonded Polyester Thread

Outer Bonded & Inner Bonded

Outer Bonded polyester thread

The outer Bonded polyester thread is based on the common strands and is machined by a special outer Bonded thread production equipment. The sewing thread is heated to dissolve the glue groove, and the hot melt wraps the thread on the outside to bond the sewing thread. Process together.

The sewing thread is hard and the color is not well controlled, because the color will change after the glue is applied.

Inner Bonded polyester thread

The inner Bonded polyester thread is made of a special inner Bonded thread production equipment. In the process of twisting the thread, a low-melting thermal fuse is added in the middle of the sewing thread. After heating and setting, the hot fuse is melted and internally. A production process that bonds sewing threads together.

Dyeing is done after treatment. This can improve the shortcomings of the traditional sewing thread and the difficulty in controlling the color, and produce a Bonded polyester thread with softer linearity and stable color quality.

Specially formulated lubricants allow the yarn to withstand high temperatures and smoothly pass through the needle eye during use, without causing breakage, jump stitching, and contamination. It can quickly pass through the eye of the needle, allowing employees to operate more smoothly, thereby increasing productivity. .

Bonded Polyester Thread
Bonded Polyester Thread

Needle and Thread Chart For Sewing Machines

The following chart compares various bonded nylon or polyester sewing thread specifications and the minimum needle sizes required

The V size is the common US measurement for twisted, multi-ply bonded nylon or polyester threads. Larger numbers indicate heavier threads.

The T sizes represent the "Tex" measurement system, where the number equals the weight in grams of 1000 meters of thread. If 1,000 meters weighs 70 grams, it is a Tex 70 thread. Larger numbers indicate heavier threads.

Please note that the "Tkt" (Ticket) sizes are equivalent to Metric "M" thread sizes used in some countries. Smaller numbers indicate heavier threads.

Minimum NeedleUS/MetricThread Size: V (T) [Ticket]Government SizeYds/PoundBreak StrengthDiameter
12/8033 (T30) [Tkt 80]AA13,8001.8 lbs.0050" (.127mm)
14/9046 (T45) [Tkt 60]B9,6007.5 lbs.0094" (.238mm)
16/100/ or 18/11069 (T70) [Tkt 40]E6,00011 lbs.0115" (.292mm)
19/12092 (T90) [Tkt 30]F4,20014.5 lbs.0133" (.337mm)
22/140138 (T135) [Tkt 20]FF3,00022 lbs.0163" (.414mm)
23/160207 (T210) [Tkt 15]3 Cord2,00032 lbs.0200" (.508mm)
25/200277 (T270) [Tkt 10]4 Cord1,50045 lbs.0231" (.586mm)
26/220346 (T350) [Tkt 8]5 Cord1,20053 lbs.0258" (.655mm)
27/250415 (T400) [Tkt 7]6 Cord1,05072 lbs.0283" (.718mm)
30/330554 (T600) [Tkt 5]8 Cord65583 lbs.0326" (.828mm)

Sizes Available:

Tex SizeMetric SizeStrength (Lbs.)Strength (Kgs.)Needle SizeApplications
161802.11.9665/9Light Weight
211403.131.4270/10Light Weight
30803.71.6880/12Light Weight
35805.112.3280/12Medium Weight
45607.093.22100/16Medium Weight
50506.022.74110/18Medium Weight
704010.134.6110/18Medium Weight
903013.486.13125/20Heavy Weight
1352020.649.38140/22Heavy Weight
1801724.3611.07180/24Extra Heavy Weight
2101530.7213.96180/24Extra Heavy Weight
2701040.1218.24200/25Extra Heavy Weight
350851.5323.42230/26Extra Heavy Weight
400764.7329.42250/27Extra Heavy Weight
45067031.82250/27Extra Heavy Weight
600584.1538.25280/28Extra Heavy Weight
700498.4744.76300/29Extra Heavy Weight

Special Process:

Do the disposal of resist UV after dyeing, so that it has a good character to resist ultraviolet radiation.

Fire-resistant thread

Anti-static thread can be supplied.

Material: 100% Polyester Pattern: Dyed Use: Crochet, Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Hand Knitting, Teabag, Knitting, Sewing, Weaving
Yarn Type: Filament Color: Dyed, Customized Feature: Abrasion-Resistant, Chemical-Resistant, Eco-Friendly, High Temperature Resistant, High Tenacity, Low Shrinkage
Technics: Twisting, hot-setting, winding Yarn Count: 150D/3; 210D/2; 210D/3 ;250D/3 ;280D/3 ; 420D/3 ; 630D/3 ; 840D/3 ; 1050D/3 ; 1260D/3 Weight (g/ball): 250G, 1KG, 1.5KG
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Brand Name: BIT Model Number: 150D/3; 210D/2; 210D/3 ;250D/3 ;280D/3 ; 420D/3 ; 630D/3 ; 840D/3 ; 1050D/3 ; 1260D/3
Application:Leather products, outdoor clothes, etc. Number: 5# 10# 20# 40# 60# 80# 100# Type: OEM/ODM/OBM


Unique lubrication

Excellent luster

Extensive range of colors

Superior abrasion resistance

Semi-transparent structure

High-resistance and abrasion

Resistance to sunlight and UV radiation

Excellent performance in high-speed machines with specific finishing treatment

Environmentally friendly dyestuff and chemicals used in manufacturing of threads

Appropriate elasticity

Resistant to most mineral acids

High resistance to shrinkage

Superior color fastness and chemical resistance

Excellent strength and durability, high temperature resistance for high speed sewing

Unique bonding chemistry and coating technology

The sewing thread is firm and soft, there is no single yarn untwisting, no loose mouth, no peeling and no "internal seam" color change.

  Good extension properties make good loop formation and result in tight, firm and symmetrical sewing thread seams

Bonded Polyester Thread
Bonded Polyester Thread

High strength polyester bonded thread is not oddlot, is characterized by small elasticity and tensile elongation 6-10%, good tensile strength, abrasion resistance, good color fastness.

1, Double needle car, high-speed computer use, easily solve the double needle thread untwisting, oddlot, break the problem;

2, On the requirements of the fabric cover is relatively fixed, can not be deformed, polyester high-strength polyester bonded thread is a good choice;

3, Product requirements of the car polyester bonded thread, the choice of polyester bonded thread than the price of nylon Bondi thread cheaper than.

Bonded Polyester Thread
Bonded Polyester Thread


Belt Accessories

Walts, Key



Athletic Shoes

Car Equipment


Automotive Trime






Leather Goods



Bed Spreads




Comping Equipmen



Flotation Device

Upholstered Furniture

Packaging & Delivery

Bonded Polyester Thread
Bonded Polyester Thread

Packaging Details:Wholesales Tea Bag Nylon Bonded Sewing Thread: 

1)packaging: bag and carton 

2)packing detail: 1PC/Polybag or color box,special package requirements are welcomed


Time:Shipped in 15 days after payment

Why choose us

Bonded Polyester Sewing Thread
Bonded Polyester Thread

1/ Stable quality

We passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. We exported to more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad.

2/ Product environmental protection

Our company got OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS Ⅰ certificate, meeting customer's higher requirements for enviornmental protection.

3/ Enough inventory

We have 1125 colors inventory, delivery on the day of receipt of your order.

4/ Pricing & Saving

Bonded Polyester Thread
Bonded Polyester Thread

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Bonded Polyester Sewing Thread
Bonded Polyester Thread

Why choose us

 Stable quality

We passed ISO9001 quality management system , ISO14001 environmental management system and IATF 16949  . We exported to more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad.

Product environmental protection

Our company got OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 CLASS Ⅰ  certificate, meeting customer's higher requirements for enviornmental protection.

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