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  • High Strength Bonded Thread

High Strength Bonded Thread

  • Name:
  • High-strength bonded thread
  • Col NO.:
  • customizable
  • N.W.:
  • 500-1500g

High Strength Polyester Bonded Thread Manufacturer, Exporter

High-strength bonded thread

High-strength bonded thread with 100% polyester bonded filament twisted yarn, bonding stereotypes, dyeing and oiling process, such as the sewing process.In accordance with the different ways of bonding, divided into the state and the Nepal Bondi Di Di and foreign Nepal Di line two categories.Inner state: through a special process of bonding yarn directly when the internal bonding, made of stereotypes. The external bonding of the finished product line through the molten Bundy gum.The external bond that has been achieved by the molten Bundy gum.


High-strength bonded thread features
High-strength bonded thread is not the bulk of the sewing thread, characterized by small elasticity, pull the elongation of 6-10%, good pull, wear, good color fastness.
1、High-strength bondi thread is not the bulk of the sewing thread, when the needle does not retreat twist, no wrinkles, not loose from the knot and broken;
2、High-strength bondi thread selection of high tensile polyester fiber, temperature, wear, can easily solve the double needle and high-speed computer car line problems.


High-strength bonded thread features
On the requirements of the fabric car cover is relatively fixed, can not be deformed, the polyester high-strength bonded thread is a good choice;When the product requires bondi thread, choose polyester bonded thread is cheaper than the high-strength bonded thread.

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