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  • Bonded Thread

Bonded Thread

  • Name:
  • Bonded thread
  • Col NO.:
  • customizable
  • N.W.:
  • 500-1500g

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Bonded thread

Bonded thread is divided into two categories: nylon line and polyester line, which are joined by a low melting point thermal fuse in the middle of the twisted yarn, and the inner part of the strand is formed by heating and shaping,Bonded thread of high strength, Bonded thread tough, temperature resistance, the mill has not sewn oddlot, sewing straight lines more obvious effect. Many hard thick seam, high-grade leather sewing machine is preferred.

Bonded thread

Bonded thread features
Bondi thread with special lubricating formula of line oil, in the sewing process of high temperature resistance, no expansion, no bleaching, line, not fluff, and has waterproof, mildew and other characteristics.Bondi line needle car not untwisting, not wrinkle, no oddlot knot and broken, and temperature resistance, wear resistance, can easily solve the double needle car line and high speed computer problems.


Bonded thread

Bonded thread application
Bondi thread is widely used in shoes, leather goods, handbags, bags, toys, ribbon, wiring, clothing and other special purposes.

Bonded thread

Bonded Nylon Thread

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