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  • Bonded Nylon 66 Thread

Bonded Nylon 66 Thread

● Bonded Nylon 66 Thread is a kind of industrial filament sewing thread with a little elasticity and elongation. The product has very good wear resistance and high strength.

● Bonded Nylon 66 Thread is composed of 3 or 4 Nylon 66 filaments twisted and bonded to each other to make the yarn more uniform, and the abrasion resistance is stronger to enhance seamability. Is widely used in high-quality sports shoes, sofas and other needs to stretch fabric and leather goods sewing thread.

● Bonded Nylon 66 Thread is the main product of our factory. Our unique joint-free and advanced oiling process makes the product have good gloss and lubricity, and ensure that each product has excellent sewability.

● Ingredients: polycaproamide filament chemical fiber

● Dyeing dyes: Acid dyes

● Coloring temperature: 105°C

Bonded Nylon 66 Filament Sewing Thread

Bonded Nylon 66 Thread

Bonded Nylon 66 Thread

Nylon 6.6 Bonded Sewing ThreadTicket NO.Tex NO.ConstructionDiameterBreaking StrengthElongation RangeLength/N.W
40 70210D/30.32≥4.620~281300/100



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