Polyester Sewing Upholstery Thread
Thread numberSpecificationBreaking Strength

There are other rough specifications: 15 shares, 18 shares, 21 shares, 24 shares and 30 shares.

Polyester sewing upholstery thread is made from industrial filament material. Our polyester sewing upholstery thread is very powerful and flexible to adapt all kinds of harsh environments and meet the needs of the market. We provide you a variety of colors polyester sewing thread, and it is knotless. To reduce friction and gives more power to the high-speed sewing machine, this kind of sewing thread contains 5%-15% silicone wax.

Polyester Sewing Upholstery Thread


1. Good acid and UV resistance

2. Good seam strength

3. Excellent sewing performance

4. Excellent antistatic property

5. Joints can maintain good stability under outdoor conditions

Thermal properties: Melting point 250-260°C, Softening 220-240°C

Shrinkage: Less than 1% (150°C)

Chemical Properties: Acid Resistance – Excellent

Alkalinity: General

Bleach resistance: excellent

Abrasion resistance: good

Polyester High Strength Sewing Thread

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