Polyester Sewing Thread

stretch polyester thread

Stretch polyester thread introduction
Stretch polyester thread is divided into polyester long fiber sewing thread and polyester staple fiber sewing thread.Polyester sewing thread can work with a certain expansion of the fabric sewing effect.It is the simplest of the three synthetic fibers.

Stretch polyester thread, also known as high-strength line, special multi-dragon line,Features are high strength, wear, shiny, good color fastness. Shortcomings line hard, inelastic. Polyester staple fiber sewing thread, also known as SP line, PP line, characterized by soft line, sewing good, cheap; shortcomings are hairiness, strong low.

Stretch polyester thread

Stretch polyester thread features
Stretch polyester thread is made of spinning and post-processing, which has a very good set of functions, in the use of repeated washing, can still be durable and stable.In addition to the existence of two hydroxyl hydroxyl groups, there are no other polar groups in polyester fiber.


Stretch polyester thread application
Polyester sewing thread is widely used in the manufacture of fabrics and industrial products.

stretch polyester thread

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