Polyester Filament High Tenacity Sewing Thread

Polyester Filament Sewing Thread is a continuous high-strength low-elongation polyester blended. High-strength polyester yarn is a kind of industrial filament polyester sewing thread with good resistance to breakage and abrasion resistance. It has good acid resistance and ultraviolet light resistance. The product is solid in color, suitable for all kinds of high-demand, high-quality product sewing needs, a wide range of applications.

Polyester Filament High Tenacity Sewing Threads Application:

Clothing: underwear, shirts, trousers, quilting, etc.

Non-apparel categories: Automobiles, Footwear, Bags, Furniture, Outdoor Products, Special Industries


1. Good acid and UV resistance

2. Good seam strength

3. Excellent sewing performance

4. Excellent antistatic property

5. Joints can maintain good stability under outdoor conditions

Thermal properties: Melting point 250-260°C, Softening 220-240°C

Shrinkage: Less than 1% (150°C)

Chemical Properties: Acid Resistance – Excellent

Alkalinity: General

Bleach resistance: excellent

Abrasion resistance: good

Polyester High Strength Sewing Thread