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  • Nylon High Strength Sewing Thread

Nylon High Strength Sewing Thread

  • Name:Nylon high strength sewing thread
  • Tex NO.:TEX90
  • Tkt NO.:M30
  • Denier:210D/4
  • Length:4100m
  • N.W.:453.6-500g

High Strength Nylon Sewing Thread Supplier

Nylon high strength sewing thread


100% nylon monofilament line, low temperature dyeing, sewing thread to ensure adequate elongation and resilience.


Nylon high tenacity thread features
Nylon high tenacity thread is made of 100% pure nylon, elastic full, breaking elongation rate of 25-30%; nylon wire back to good elasticity, when the nylon wire stretched to 4-6%, can rebound to the original length of 100%.


 Nylon high strength sewing thread

Nylon high tenacity thread application
Good elasticity of nylon high tenacity thread is especially suitable for elastic products such as soft sofa, down clothing, and elastic fabrics, such as diving suits, swimwear and other joints need to be flexible.


Nylon high strength sewing thread 

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