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Bonded Polyester Thread

bonded poly thread, Bonded Polyester Filament Thread

100% Bonded Polyester ( 100% Bonded Polyester Thread )

  • Bonded Polyester Thread

Tex NoTicket NoDenierStrength (cN) Elogation% Thread Carrier
3080100D/3213518-30King spool/Dyeing Tube
4560150D/3304018-30King spool/Dyeing Tube
7040210D/3435020-32King spool/Dyeing Tube
9030250D/3515020-32King spool/Dyeing Tube
13520420D/3978022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube
21013630D/3515022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube
27010840D/31762022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube

bonded poly thread, Bonded Polyester Filament Thread

Polyester Bonded thread


Polyester bonded thread is made of 100%polyester filament yarn twisting, adhesive setting, dyeing and oiling winding.

Polyester bonded thread features
High strength polyester bonded thread is not oddlot, is characterized by small elasticity and tensile elongation 6-10%, good tensile strength, abrasion resistance, good color fastness.
1, Double needle car, high-speed computer use, easily solve the double needle thread untwisting, oddlot, break the problem;
2, On the requirements of the fabric cover is relatively fixed, can not be deformed, polyester high-strength polyester bonded thread is a good choice;
3, Product requirements of the car polyester bonded thread, the choice of polyester bonded thread than the price of nylon Bondi thread cheaper than.

Polyester bonded thread application

The best choice for extra hard and thick fabrics, such as pull rod box, car seat belt, airbag sewing thread. High grade brand leather goods, shoes, sofas, handbags preferred sewing thread.



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