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Bonded Nylon Thread

Bonded Nylon Filament Sewing Thread, Nylon Bondi Thread

100% Nylon Bond Thread ( 100% Bonded Nylon Thread )

  • Bonded Nylon Thread

Tex NoTicket NoDenierStrength (cN) Elogation% Thread Carrier
3080100D/3213518-30King spool/Dyeing Tube
4560150D/3304018-30King spool/Dyeing Tube
7040210D/3435020-32King spool/Dyeing Tube
9030250D/3515020-32King spool/Dyeing Tube
13520420D/3978022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube
21013630D/3515022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube
27010840D/31762022-34King spool/Dyeing Tube

Bonded Nylon Filament Sewing Thread, Nylon Bondi Thread

Fiber Type

Bonded Nylon Thread

Poly high tenacity yarn,Nylon high tenacity yarn (6&66)

Polyamide 6.6 synthetic fibre, popular name Nylon 6.6 or 6 synthetic fibre, through special process to bonded inside while twisting the yarn, then sticking and finalize all fiber together like one, while sewing, the bonded thread does not disentwine, not cottony, high resistance to abrasion. The sewing effect is very wonderful due to the advantage of nylon material and the effectual disposal of lubricant.

Features & Advantage

Bonded Nylon Thread

●Imported melting yarn, good bonded processing, Evenly inner bonded; 

●Bonded hard, no loose 

●Advanced dyeing technique, color fastness can be 4-5grade.、

●Smooth appearance after heating and drawing to improve the sewing effect greatly. 

●Oil evenly with imported lubricant to ensure the excellent sew ability;

 ●Good seam strength and durability, Excellent fiber Abrasion Resistance  

●Available in natural, white, black and colors 

●Can develop new products together with customer. Fire-resistant thread, anti-static thread can be supplied. 

Material: 100% Nylon 6, Nylon 66 Pattern: Dyed Use: Crochet, Cross Stitch, Embroidery, Hand Knitting, Teabag, Knitting, Sewing, Weaving
Yarn Type: Filament Color: Dyed, Customized Feature: Abrasion-Resistant, Chemical-Resistant, Eco-Friendly, High Temperature Resistant, High Tenacity, Low Shrinkage
Technics: Twisting, hot-setting, winding Yarn Count: 210D/3 Weight (g/ball): 250G, 1KG, 1.5KG
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Brand Name: BR Model Number: 150D/3; 210D/2; 210D/3 ;250D/3 ;280D/3 ; 420D/3 ; 630D/3 ; 840D/3 ; 1050D/3 ; 1260D/3
Application:Leather products, outdoor clothes, etc. Strength: 8.5 G/D Type: OEM/ODM/OBM
Nylon Bondi Thread

The Description Of Wholesales Tea Bag Nylon Bonded Sewing Thread

Itemnylon sewing thread for tea bag
Size Standard or according to your specifications
Usage For cloth, bag,cap and so on 
Advantage High Quality And Competitive Price 
MOQ Trial Order And Sample Orderis Welome 
Logo Customized 
Feature AZO Free .Nickel Free High Polish 
Certification OEKO-TEX STD 100. ISO 9100 Certification 

Nylon Bondi Thread

It is raw material, used for processing to dyed high tenacity nylon 6 66 filament thread which is the best choice for the knitting and sewing of classical suits, high quality garments, leather&bag, luggage, footwear, upholstered furniture,sporting goods, quiltings, binding, safety yarns, etc.


Stitching upholstery, canvas, drapery, luggage, purses, camping tent, shoes, leather products, vinyl, etc.


Excellent TenacityGood Durability
Lowly Elongation High Waterproof Property
Loose Strands PreventedExcellent Seam Strength & Appearance
High ProductivityGentle Luster
Extensive Colour Range 

Technical Data

DenierPLYTexTickets SizeAverage StrengthElongationRecommended Needle SizeApplications
100D33580≥2.113 - 2212~1480~90Light Weight
138D34560≥3.023 - 3214~1690~100Medium Weight
210D37040≥4.523 - 3216~18100~110Medium Weight
280D39030≥6.0 16~20100~120Heavy Weight
420D313520≥9.025 - 3419~23120~160Heavy Weight
630D321013≥13.525 - 3422~24140~180Extra Heavy Weight
Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread

1. Material: 100% Nylon6,66

2. Specific: 150D/3; 210D/2; 210D/3 ;250D/3 ;280D/3 ; 420D/3 ; 630D/3 ; 840D/3 ; 1050D/3 ; 1260D/3

3. Technology: TFO&Ring spun

4. Tenacity: 7.5GPD

5. Feature: length-fixed, weight-fixed

Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Wholesales Tea Bag Nylon Bonded Sewing Thread: 

1)packaging: bag and carton 

2)packing detail: 1PC/Polybag or color box,special package requirements are welcomed


Time:Shipped in 15 days after payment

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